4th Annual Gamification & Digital Engagement Strategies for Business Results
October 18 - 20, 2016 in Chicago
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Shellie P. Riley

The Nerd Concierge
Greater Los Angeles Area
Don’t Hate The Player, Disrupt the Game.

Shellie P. Riley, The Nerd Concierge, identifies as an endangered species: born, educated and enamored with the culture and industry of her native company town, Hollywood, CA. Organizational, education and public-policy stakeholders benefit from The Nerd Concierge’s purposeful play, improvisation, Design-Thinking, Gamification, advocacy, alternative dispute resolution, project-driven inquiry, multidisciplinary collaboration and dynamic storytelling. Leveraging 10,000 plus hours of eccentricity, sweat equity and spirit hands, her consultancy designs creative action plans that spark, innovate, untangle, disrupt, strategize, provoke, enhance, explore and produce systematic results.

Concierge level attention draws on dynamic professional associations. Wise Guys Events, the National Association of Independent Schools, Private Prep Academic Enrichment and Angeles Mannies Luxury Placement are some companies that incorporated Shellie’s hands-on engagement to champion individuality, risk-taking, cultural fluency, inclusion and systematic results. She works on the Los Angeles crew for global The Moth.org Storytelling Competitions. Shellie actively confers with numerous non-profit arts and mentoring agencies and academic think tanks to address disproportionate access and under-allocation of equitable resources for historically vulnerable populations.

Playing for a living begins with a call to adventure. Shellie earned UCLA’s first concurrent Juris Doctorate in Law and Masters of Fine Arts in Theater. Film and Television and a BA in Film/TV Production. She holds a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy, Certified Credentials in Secondary, Primary Administration and Language Acquisition Instruction.

Her fantasy is to be addressed as ‘Consigniere' without irony.